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Making Cyber Security Sales a No-Brainer - Dark Web Credential Exposure and auDIT Reports

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

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audIT CEO and Founder, Frank M. DeBenedetto is joined by ID Agent CEO Kevin Lancaster for a fireside chat. Join Frank and Kevin as they talk about the state of cyber breach for SMBs and how MSP Partners are closing new business and up-selling security services using the Dark Web ID™ platform.

In this armchair-style discussion, Kevin will talk about how 2017 was the “year of the breach,” and how that is affecting the conversation with MSPs and their clients. He’ll give some anecdotes on how ID Agent Partners are growing their security offerings by leading with a Dark Web scan and provide ideas to sell and package Dark Web ID™. He will offer up some sales tactics, and how to overcome customer objections to help customers better understand why they need to take this problem seriously, which will ultimately help you to expand your business.

Frank DeBenedetto will talk about how his MSP Two River Technologies is using the product as a great foot in the door technique, and will demonstrate how he has integrated the Dark Web scan results into the audIT report, so the client is ASKING how to make that red square go away!

What you will learn:

• Practical and concrete tips for overcoming objections,
• How to package and sell Dark Web ID,
• How to leverage high visibility breaches to provide awareness to customers,
• Marketing campaign ideas that will resonate with prospects and your customers,
• How audIT has already made it easy to be successful with Dark Web ID.





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