How do I manage templates?

A Template allows you to preconfigure your audIT for a variety of auditing needs making the auditing process streamlined faster.

audIT Categories

A template consists of four categories each with 9 items.

  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Telecom

Note: Telecom is optional and can be disabled.

audIT Items

Each category has a library of items than can be dragged into or out of the category. Items can be sequence in any custom order that suits your needs. Items can also be weighted in order to influence the proportional importance of the items during scoring.


When a template category has less than 9 items, it is marked as incomplete and can not be used to create an audIT.


Only the first three categories are used in scoring. Telecom is optional and does not impact the audIT score.

Selecting & Sequencing Items

The category square on the right side can hold up to 9 items. The remaining items are on the left hand side of the screen. items can be dragged from the left side into the square and visa versa. Within the square, you can drag and drop your items into the sequence that suits your needs.

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