Webinar Recordings

Making Cyber Security Sales a No-Brainer - Dark Web Credential Exposure and auDIT Reports

audIT CEO and Founder, Frank M. DeBenedetto is joined by ID Agent CEO Kevin Lancaster for a fireside chat. Join Frank and Kevin as they talk about the state of cyber breach for SMBs and how MSP Partners are closing new business and up-selling security services using the Dark Web ID™ platform.  

How audIT Can Transform Your Sales And QBR Process

Webinar replay from January 18th, 2018. Mike Brooks, Frank DeBenedetto and Bryan Smith from team audIT host this fireside chat. We talk about how audIT came about, sales tips, raising prices and answer question. 

How Superstar MSP Dan Tomaszewski Is Using audIT Make Selling Easy And Profitable

Webinar replay from December 7th, 2017. Frank DeBenedetto is joined by long time audIT user Dan Tomaszewski. Dan shares how he's using audIT to achieve such amazing (and profitable) results in his MSP

audIT New User Training - Getting Started Fast

Webinar replay from October 3rd, 2017. Mike Brooks walks you through the audIT system from system setup to your first audIT.


Sales Training: Facebook Ads Magic

Webinar replay from September 21st, 2017 where Mike Brooks shares Facebook ad strategies for generating more leads.


Sales Training: Selling To Dr. Jekyll Or Mr. Hyde

Webinar replay from August 10th, 2017 where Mike Brooks shares strategies for selling to the four key personality types. 

Download the slides here


audIT Sales Presentation System Demo for MSPs Technical Assessments and QBRs

Webinar replay from August 4th, 2017 where Frank M. DeBenedetto shows how to create audITs for QBRs and prospects. If you're just getting started on a trial of the system, this is the perfect webinar to get you up and running fast!


Introduction To audIT: How To Close More Sales With Ease!

Check out this recent webinar replay to learn how audIT can help you close more sales for higher MRR. This webinar will show you how audIT was created, how MSPs are using it, how you can easily get started, and more.

How To Create A Prospect audIT 

Watch audIT founder and fellow MSP Frank DeBenedetto create a real audIT for an upcoming prospect meeting. This is a must watch whether you're brand new and have not created your first audIT yet or you're a seasoned pro.


How QBRs + audIT = Happy Clients And More Revenue 

audIT is not just for creating sales presentations. Our most successful members are using audITs in their QBRs for amazing results.

audIT founder and fellow MSP Frank DeBenedetto creates an audIT for a QBR live.

Prospect Appointment Setting Hacks 

You can only run audITs on prospects if you have one in the pipeline. This webinar is specifically designed to give you some quick ways to generate appointments.

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